Lace and Glitter

Hey, sophisticates.
I'm here just to bring u some New in post. Considering that this is a seasson of final sales, I had a big luck to "catch" some pieces I was looking for such a long time. Also, some of my online orders came these days, so here are my latest "new in".

 Extreme addict; My new royal loafers

Black leather skirt; I was searching for months for perfect leather skirt and finally I found one
in Orsay + it was on sale !

Lapel lace slim dress; I fell in love with this dress first time when I saw it and immediatey I had to order it. Considering all the holidays, I had to wait more than a month to arrive, and it's finally here, but...
Damn, it's to short ! Everybody knows that I do not use to wear short clothes, but this.. It's so perfect !
I don't even know how I'll be able to do my outfit post :/
Fingers crossed for some idea !
(click on photo to see the original one)

Meow Bagz; My new sequin clutch

Glitter Clutch - This is one of the MUST-HAVE  accessory of all the seassons and I think that every girl is a bit of addicted to the sequins and glitter. It's perfect for NYE and holiday parties and great chance to add a touch of glitz to any outfit. Fashion is becoming shinny, metallized and full of sequins. The ideal clutch is big enough to carry all of your fashion essentials, and yet still small enough to clasp in your hand or under your arm. You can wear it with both party and casual looks. Bloggers and trendsetters have fallen in love with these sequin bags and now it is such a fashion phenomenon.

I found this one in MEOW BAGZ store. You should definitely visit it's Fb page and check out this and all of the others beautiful clutches. 
(Just click on any of these pictures and u'll be directly redirected to Meow Bagz.)

Black elegance

This necklace was ordered from Romwe and costed about $15, but unfortunately it's sold out and there's none in stock anymore.
I think it's just precious !

So atypical for me; Simple white shirt with such a pretty print.
Love this little queen !
(click on photo to see the original one)

Hah ! The last one thing is so funny that makes me smile so much.
Well, sure I didn't order them. They were sent to me as a gift from Romwe.
They cost $30 but they just don't fit my style and I'm pretty sure that I won't be wearing it.
They'll be included in some of my upcoming giveaways.

(click on photo to see the original one)



  1. Divne stvarčice, haljina je preidvna, kakva šteta za dužinu, ogrlica odlična, majica preslatka , ustvari sve mi se svidja :*

  2. nisu baš sve djevojke " a bit addicted to the sequins and glitter" prva ja ne :D
    ali uz tvoj stil ide, ti ćeš to znati iznijeti..
    super stvarčice.

  3. zelim leggings :D , haj prodaj mi ih hihi pliiiizz
    kozna suknja - me mucho gusta jedva cekam outfit :**

  4. haljinica je preslatka ohhh!

  5. Sve mi se svidja,ali posebno ogrlica <3

  6. love your neww clothing!!

  7. Your new clothes are so pretty <3 I want all your things! I think I will buy your dress. SO beautiful!

  8. Love all items you show

  9. super stvarcice, ne znam sta bi izdvojila, sve je pre predobro *_*


  10. Lovely pieces you got there :)

  11. The loafers are just perfection!

  12. Jako lijepih stvarcica ima ovde :) Jedva cekam kombinacije :)

  13. Super ali ove loafers iz Retra su mi favorit..imam iste u tri boje .. guilty :)))

  14. Meni je suknja fantastična!

  15. Meni je suknja i haljinica favorit ali sve su ti stvari predobre...Jedva cekam kombinacije :*

  16. Love the black skirt !

  17. Ohh, amazing the first skirt! :)

  18. Lovely!!!