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Great early gift ideas for Christmas

Whether we’re ready to face the facts or not, the Christmas season is well and truly on its way. This year, why not break the usual trend and buy your gifts with plenty of time up your sleeve?

Buying with plenty of notice will help you to find great bargains on the sorts of gifts that your friends and family will love. By cutting out a bit of that last minute panic, you won’t be tempted to fork out too much money and you can rest easy knowing the festive season won’t be full of stress.

With this in mind, here’s a look at 3 easy Christmas gift ideas that can be found on, so you don’t get caught out during the Christmas rush.

1. Pyjamas
A nice new set of pyjamas is just the sort of gift that most women in your life will appreciate. The weather is already cooling down, and as we all know it will be positively chilly come Christmas. PJs are just the sort of thing we want a new purchase of, but are usually reluctant to spend money on. Whether you opt for silky and slinky, or think your mum would appreciate warm and cosy – PJs are a sure fire buy that will bring a smile to their face. If you really want to spoil your loved one, couple it with a new pair of comfy slippers or a matching dressing gown.

2. A watch
Here’s a gift idea for men and women alike. A new watch is a stylish and sleek addition to your accessories draw. Yet unlike a new necklace, a watch is one of those rare purchases that you can wear practically every day. This can make it a really heartfelt way of staying close to your loved ones with a sentimental gift. Why not go the extra step and have the inside of the watch engraved with the Christmas year and a special message?

3. A getaway
Who doesn’t need a holiday? And at the end of the day, come Christmas Eve most people will really appreciate a bit of sunshine far more than any hand cream or scented candle. This is a really great present idea for couples to give to one another, rather than wasting money on yet another kitchen appliance. There are plenty of places to soak up some sun away from chilly England. Best of all, when you travel out of the peak season you can secure some seriously good deals on resort style accommodation and island getaways.