Your Next Fashion Dare: Wear One Of These Detachable Collars

This season collars are really on trend. And how does a trend become a trend? Right, when something is worn by influential people in the fashion world, in this case Alexa Chung. Alexa is a television presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue. If there's a fashion event, you can be sure to spot this fashionista front row. The detachable collar has been a quirky accessory of choice for bloggers and stylists in the past but they’re not just for the haute couture fashion peacocks anymore. A few designers have come out with some rather chic, easy access collars that instantly lift a plain shirt without adding too much bulk. Kind of like a necklace, only with a bit more personality. Think of it as a great conversation starter. When chosen—and worn!—correctly, detachable collars can really amp up the fashion power of a simple outfit. Click through above and shop your next daring move.