There is always a reason for shopping

I have to mention that a few days ago I had so great, suprising Shopping nite, and it was unique oportunity for having a nice sleep ^^ In fact, I had no intention of buying anything, but being tired after 4 hours of work, convicts you to the computer, bed and online Stores. Sightseeing around, you simply cannot remain immune to all this choice of clothes. Well, I didn't :) So, I kept looking around what would be useful for wearing this spring (I've ended with this winter, it's done with hot clothes), and I found a few things that will be perfect for wearing. I made my choice, hope u'll like it. Bisous from "There is always a reason for shopping" :)

Light blue shirt with dark blue and red polka dot...
... Dark blue skirt with green and red markings and ....
Casual brown leather bag that can be used for different occasions.



  1. nice color and good qualities
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