Is the eletric blue design wearable or is it too much to handle ?

There’s been an awful lot of talk about pastel pink, watermelon, coral, and primrose yellow for summer, but as far as early spring is going, it’s looking like the blues have them all beat for the moment. Well, blue isn’t boring old black—it’s less monolithic and, somehow, more refreshing, and it has many virtues as an wardrobe updater for the woman who might not be quite ready to break out the brights. At the midnight and navy end of the spectrum, it’s thoroughly classic on its own (and will perk up black, while it's at it), but the color becomes even more interesting—and very 2012—when mixed up with all kinds of other shades and textures like knit, chambray, lace, leather, feather. There’s a blue to suit every woman out there. (Vogue)

Klein blue is the star among this season’s intense colours, whether in garments or accessories. In the jewel colour range blue continues to grow in popularity. Cobalt, lapis, violet and sapphire blue have a sparkling and stunning electricity about them.
Bright statement colours are used for harder tailored looks that have crisp silhouettes. This colour of blue is basically eye catching and will actually make you shine from everybody else. . Cobalt blue is a color that comes extremely well with white and provides a real Springtime feel, it's a colour that takes the place of blacks and gray's seamlessly and functions very well as a transitional colour to begin sporting right away.