Can you spare a sweet word of love ?

Despite the cold weather which brought a degree of monotony, I decided to dedicate stronger attention to my blog for these few days. It's pretty difficult to perform a good photo shoot outside, so I decided to take some work with Polyvore and try to create some interesting combinations. We can witness that this year brought a great boom in various colors, designs, materials and appearance in general, so I also tried to do the role of excellent designers.
I hope they will serve as a good inspiration.
What do u think of:

It's got to be !

Classic silhouettes, high-quality leather, and gorgeous colors. 

La chat noir

Summertime was nearly over blue Italian sky above....

Sun comes out !



  1. Svidjaju mi se sve kombinacije,stvarno ne znam koju bih prije izabrala.:)


  2. Lovely items. Would sure wear these collections.


  3. divni svi kolaži! kako da te pratim tamo ?

  4. Ajjj sve mi se sviđa :))) super su kombinacije!!!

  5. WWOOWW !

    it's very amazing blog thanks for sharing it !

    Pistol Packin' Mama